How to Properly Use an Automatic Watch Winder Australia

Having an automatic watch winder Australia is necessary if you have an automatic watch or if you are a collector. Your watch will never need manual winding as long as you keep it in the winder. Just make sure that you can use the winder properly.

Your Watch Should Be Ticking Before You Store It.

Your automatic watch winder cannot wind your watch if it has already stopped. Either you store the watch while it’s still ticking after it leaves your hand or wind it manually before you put it in the holder.

Program Your Winder Properly.

Most automatic watch winders can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, and bidirectionally. You can also set the number of turns per day for the winder. An ideal setting for every watch would be to set the winder to rotate bi-directionally with the lowest possible turn-per-day setting.

Recheck the Settings.

The aforementioned initial setting could be ideal for most watches, but it may not be the best for your watch. Therefore, after you set up the winder, keep it alive for about two days.

Check the stored watch periodically to see whether it still shows the time precisely. If there is an inaccuracy, even slightly, try different settings (change rotation direction and increase TPD) until you get the most ideal settings for your watch.

Perform Necessary Maintenance.

Your watch winder is a motorized machine that has to remain on virtually everlastingly. This non-stop operation makes it prone to wear and tear. You may need to check its condition from time to time.

Check for any irregularities, which may include torn cushion, too slow rotation, irregular noises that come from the motor, or a stored watch that loses time despite the winder’s correct settings.

Some models have replaceable parts, but some models require a full replacement. Be sure to understand the type of automatic watch winder Australia that you have.

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